Zinc undecylenate solubility

In terms of the mechanism underlying its antifungal effects against Candida albicans , undecylenic acid inhibits morphogenesis. In a study on denture liners, undecylenic acid in the liners was found to inhibit conversion of yeast to the hyphal form (which are associated with active infection), via inhibition of fatty acid biosynthesis. The mechanism of action and effectiveness in fatty acid-type antifungals is dependent on the number of carbon atoms in the chain, with efficacy increasing with the number of atoms in the chain.

Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9) is a precursor for undecylenic derivatives for cosmetics and personal care.

Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9) usage in several odour removal formulations has also been widely reported.

We can offer Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9)in drums / FCL Lots and ISO Tanks. is packed in 205 kg HMHDPE ( plastic ) drums.

Each FCL can take 80 drums of Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9).

An ISO tank can take between 18 to 20 tons of Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9).

Our current capacity for Methyl Undecylenate , (CAS -81-9) is 1500 tons per annum.

Zinc undecylenate solubility

zinc undecylenate solubility


zinc undecylenate solubilityzinc undecylenate solubilityzinc undecylenate solubilityzinc undecylenate solubilityzinc undecylenate solubility