Why men take testosterone

Secondly, I wouldn’t be concerned whether or not you’re shedding. Some people shed a little bit, and some people don’t — but shedding is definitely NOT always a good sign (as you know). Some shedding is normal because of the nature of the massages. However, some people also shed because they create too much friction on the scalp skin, or they don’t allow for enough recovery time in between sessions. That’s not the good type of shed. So, don’t worry about not shedding 🙂 Regrowth is possible with or without the type of shedding you’re looking for.

Bump to the last question ask by Ken. Always late when read these forum. Caherine Rollins seems to have some tread educated answers. I guess I won’t get into great details, since I worry no one will even read this, but as with Ken I’ve been on Androgel for around 10 years I’m 34, and just now noticing major thinning of my hairline, and a sonogram shows I have BPH. (who knows how long because I’ve always had symptms of needing to urinate many times a day) doese the dose of natural progesterone change for someone on HRT already? ( mg per day of test, I should be getting out of the gel) talking fanesteride and progesterone cream 10mgf(my phone iemessing up, sorry delete wno’t work) on the prostate med, and pro cream I’m having some big probs with erictions. (can’t correct my spelling with this phone sorry) thanks to anyone who can help.


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Why men take testosterone

why men take testosterone


why men take testosteronewhy men take testosteronewhy men take testosteronewhy men take testosteronewhy men take testosterone