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Few could detect the beginning of his spiral. After all, he was averaging 20 and 14, his head hovering near the top of the square as he spiked his ferocious dunks back down to earth. Orlando was a contender and Howard was a superhero, assorted supporting characters hanging from his cape. “People who were living with me, people who were working with me, took advantage of the situation,” he says. “I played a part. I gave those people a crutch. But they saw opportunities to take more.” Howard spent extravagantly and claims certain associates billed him even more extravagantly, six-figure sums for limousine services and seven for private jets. “They knew, ‘Dwight’s distracted, he’s not paying attention, we can finesse these numbers.’ I’m thinking, ‘How can this happen? How can these people—in some cases flesh and blood—steal from me when I’ve already given them everything they need?’ ”

Anyone who has an OUNCE of real character, they want to destroy. People with convictions, character, courage… they aren’t robots, and they can’t be treated like one; and robots are all these people want, apparently. I have to wonder if the poor fools who will try and enforce this idiot list are aware that even if they manage to, then THEY’RE NEXT on the list to go into the incinerator? The “elites” do NOT want the rabid dog personality it’s going to take to enforce THIS list running around loose after they’re through with them! As for the “terrorist” designation, that’s ridiculous. The sole reason for it is the unconstitutional “laws” of the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA BOTH allow them treat “terrorists” like dirt, or like animals – or less. Sheesh! When many if not MOST of those they’ll be killing off as “terrorists” would be the first to defend against real terrorists! They’ll find out, I have no doubt.

What is considered low t

what is considered low t


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