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Billing for a premium storage disk or blob depends on the provisioned size of the disk or blob. Azure maps the provisioned size (rounded up) to the nearest premium storage disk option. For details, see the table in Premium Storage scalability and performance targets . Each disk maps to a supported provisioned disk size, and is billed accordingly. Billing for any provisioned disk is prorated hourly by using the monthly price for the Premium Storage offer. For example, if you provisioned a P10 disk and deleted it after 20 hours, you are billed for the P10 offering prorated to 20 hours. This is regardless of the amount of actual data written to the disk or the IOPS and throughput used.

Check Credentials.  Before you hire a contractor make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. Although a license with the state is not always required for masonry contractors, if the contractor has obtained a license it will protect you against poor craftsmanship. The contractor should hold liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect all homeowners incase there is an injury on the job. When the contractor is bonded you will be financially protected from uncompleted work or unpaid subcontractors and suppliers. Be sure to get proof of all the documents before the contractor starts the job.

What does high testosterone do

what does high testosterone do


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