Testosterone what it does

Great article, well written and god conclusions of collected data.
How ever I am still curious if creating a “shortage” of sperm and decrease of testosterone by cycles of repeated ejaculations during a short period of time, maybe during the course of hours followed by “rest-days” if that over time would provoke the body to produce more Testosterone and sperm in a response to “progressive overload”.
Since this is the way the body handles a lot other things that challenges it´s system with everything from resistance-training, “repeated skin-abrasion”, bacteria and even some toxins.

Another thing to consider is that when you eat a high-fat diet, you typically need to reduce your consumption of carbs. The problem is, carbohydrates also have an impact on testosterone levels. It all has to do with the cortisol hormone. Cortisol and testosterone are inversely linked, meaning that higher levels of cortisol will result in lower testosterone levels and vice versa. A low-carb diet, especially combined with doing regular exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle, is a recipe for increased cortisol production.

Testosterone what it does

testosterone what it does


testosterone what it doestestosterone what it doestestosterone what it doestestosterone what it doestestosterone what it does