Test prop eq cycle results

Specifications: • Rated power output: 497 watts into 8 ohms, 950 watts into 4 ohms with % THD (based on one-third power duty cycle) • S/N ratio: 98 dB (A-weighted) • Low-pass crossover: 30 - 200 Hz, 24 dB/octave • Parametric EQ: Frequency: 18 - 80 Hz; Bandwidth: - 1 Q; Level: - dB to +6 dB • Phase Adjustment: 0° (NOR) or 180° (REV) • Input impedance: 12K ohms • Input voltage: User switchable 115V/230V (Euro cord available) • Stand-by power rating: 115V 24W; 230V • Efficiency: 86% • Net weight: 17 lbs. • Dimensions: 11-15/16" W x 11-15/16" H x 5-1/4" D; Cutout dimensions: 10" W x 10" H.

# ForEach_
# Illustrates using PowerShell ForEach loop to interrogate AD
# IMPORTANT change $Dom 'value'
# Author: Guy Thomas
$Dom = 'LDAP://DC=YourDom;DC=YourExt'
$Root = New-Object

# Create a selector and start searching from the Root of AD
$selector = New-Object
$ = $root

# Filter the users with -Like "CN=Person*". Note the ForEach loop
$adobj= $() |
Where-Object {$_. -Like "CN=Person*"}
ForEach ($person In $adobj)
      Write-host "First name: $($) " `
      "Surname: $($) User: $($)"
write-host "`nThere are $($) users in the $($) domain"

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Test prop eq cycle results

test prop eq cycle results


test prop eq cycle resultstest prop eq cycle resultstest prop eq cycle resultstest prop eq cycle resultstest prop eq cycle results