Some surprising facts

  “A red ‘pudong’ was called ‘magalong’, and was the insignia of braves who had killed an enemy. The most prestigious kind of ‘pudong,’ limited to the most valiant, was, like their G-strings, made of ‘pinayusan,’ a gauze-thin abaca of fibers selected for their whiteness, tie-dyed a deep scarlet in patterns as fine as embroidery, and burnished to a silky sheen. Such pudong were lengthened with each additional feat of valor: real heroes therefore let one end hang loose with affected carelessness.” 

Running burns lots of calories
The old saw that running torches about 100 calories per mile is a good benchmark, but calorie burn really depends on weight, and your pace and fitness level also come into play. A good formula is to multiply your weight in pounds by , then multiply by the number of miles. The number you get is the amount of calories you burned over and above the basal metabolic rate (calories you burn just sitting around). If a 150-pound woman runs 6 miles, she'll burn about 567 calories. But as you get fitter, running the same number of miles won't burn as many calories . Then it's time to go faster—or longer.

Some surprising facts

some surprising facts


some surprising factssome surprising factssome surprising factssome surprising factssome surprising facts