Naturopathic testosterone

Sesamum indicum (black sesame seeds) is often referred to as the longevity herb. This Pedaliaceae family plant supports yin, builds essence and blood, and moistens the intestines. Sesame seeds, especially the black ones, are nutritive to yin, contain calcium that is easily assimilated, calm the nervous system, and are a good general tonic to ease the aging process, which is taking place for everyone every day. They bring moisture to the intestines, diminishing a tendency toward constipation. They are easily consumed as food, often ground and mixed with honey and ginger.

The work of Dr . Simeons with the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet has helped put focus on the problem of merely decreasing When a person decreases his or her caloric intake, the hormone balance may be disrupted, causing the person to lose the wrong kind of weight, such as muscle. When hormones remain balanced while calories are reduced, the body is better able to maintain this muscle and lose excess body fat. Because HCG stimulates hormone production in the gonads, some believe it can help people lose weight more effectively. Other theories also exist.

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Naturopathic testosterone

naturopathic testosterone


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