Natural treatment for low testosterone

Cristian – Like other herbal supplements, taking Manuka honey and/or mastic gum may cause adverse interactions with prescription and OTC medications or may inhibit or increase the effects of some drugs. So if you are taking any medications, consult with your physician first before taking either. With that said, both Manuka honey and mastic gum are used for general digestive health (not just for H. pylori treatment) so I would assume it could help with your IBS, but there are no absolutes. There has been a study (pdf), however, that demonstrated regular use of Manuka honey can help alleviate IBS and ulcerative colitis symptoms.

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The treatment for kidney stones depends on the causes behind the condition and most importantly upon the composition of the stones. In case of smaller stones, treatment may involve increasing your intake of water to help flush out the stone. Pain medications may also be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms. In case of larger stones, treatment may have to be more invasive. Procedures may include the use of sound waves to disintegrate the stones and as a last resort surgery may be used to remove large stones. There are also some natural remedies for kidney stones, but many of these remedies simply remain speculative. While some remedies have been validated through the scientific process many others have been completely discredited, while still more have never been investigated. For this reason it is advisable that you consult your doctor before trying any of these remedies. Some of the common natural cures for kidney stones include:

Natural treatment for low testosterone

natural treatment for low testosterone


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