Female testosterone supplements

Because hormone levels fluctuate considerably during the course of a lifetime, it may be hard to pinpoint precisely what the “normal” range is. This also changes depending upon whether a woman is menstruating, pregnant, or at some point in the menopause cycle. Determining the normal testosterone and estrogen levels in women is based on an average range as well as how each person feels in response to where their numbers lie. Post-menopausal women may find their estrogen levels hovering around the 10 – 20 pg/ml. In order to maintain proper bone health, it is necessary for these levels to be maintained in the 40 – 50 pg/ml range. The average range for testosterone in a woman is 15 to 70 ng/dl. Because this range is so wide, doctors will take a look at the symptoms being exhibited to determine if treatment for Low T is warranted. The good news for a woman who has low levels in both hormones is that by raising testosterone with the use of a bioidentical cream, some of this will be converted by the body into estrogen in a natural process, thereby safely raising those levels at the same time.

Female testosterone supplements

female testosterone supplements


female testosterone supplementsfemale testosterone supplementsfemale testosterone supplementsfemale testosterone supplementsfemale testosterone supplements