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In 1979, Coryell formed The Guitar Trio with fusion guitarist John McLaughlin and flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía . The group toured Europe and released a video recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London entitled Meeting of the Spirits . In early 1980, Coryell's drug addiction led to him being replaced by Al Di Meola . [10] Julie Coryell sang on one track of Comin' Home (1984). The couple divorced in 1986. She died in 2009. [7] Coryell recorded the album Together with (and was briefly romantically involved with) [11] Emily Remler before her death from a heroin overdose while on tour in Australia. His two sons, Julian Coryell and Murali Coryell , are also involved in the music business.

To free glassmaking to this degree, to liberate form to such an extent that it appears to be returning to its own more primitive or organic state - indeed, to be in the process of perpetually evolving within that state is the real achievement. That Chihuly’s works seem both impossible and alive is not so much confounding as convincing. Because, of course, they are really at rest and possessed of a clarity of form, they seem to arrest the ineffable. With all their richness of suggestion, they succeed in condensing the transient, the exotic and the intuitive, idealizing, as it were, the phenomenally subliminal and mysterious. (This is not to infer that there’s a dark side to the Seaforms . That’s a subject due his later series, the Niijima Floats .) The Seaforms are inclusive and outreaching. Their forms, skins and pigmentation seem innocently offered. We see through them. They open up and curl in a kind of voluptuous solicitation, restorative and generous, in a sensuous repose. Their initial seductiveness is more than skin deep. Their concentrated vitality and unvarying accessibility assure us that our delight in their presence offers a deeper awareness of a similar potential in ourselves.

Equipoise youtube

equipoise youtube


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