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Hi Roscoe, Ouch, a tattoo, better get it right, no corrections, right? Actually, if you’re tattoo-ing a mantra, that’s a good one… long life:-) Problem is you have Sanskrit version, Tibetan version, and then you have Sanskrit letters and Tibetan letters. As English characters, meant for chanting, . transliteration the SANSKRIT transliteration is: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jnana Pustim Kuru Svaha (but some people capitalize the letters, some don’t), but it’s pronounced with some “SH” sounds (Pustim is Pushtim)… so I’d strongly suggest for a Tattoo you consider Sanskrit or Tibetan lettering, not English. It seems more genuine. Most Tatts I’ve seen are in Tibetan or Sanskrit characters rather than English. Some people tattoo the Seed syllable and then the rest in English. So it depends on what you’d like. The best authority for getting it right (for all three: Sanskrit, Tibetan and English) would be . The page for White Tara is HERE: http:///white- . That site is very reliable. You’ll see they have Tibetan Uchen type version as well as Siddham (Sanskrit) typography there.
Metta, Lee

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So should people still dutifully line up for their flu shots? Older kids and healthy adults do get some protection from them; just perhaps not as much as they want or expect. But for seniors and toddlers, there may never be a clear answer to this question, particularly because the . government is unlikely to conduct additional clinical trials. On Monday, Osterholm and a group of five other scientists at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy published a report highlighting the need for better alternatives. Although the current options may—for most people—be better than nothing, “we can no longer accept the status quo,” they wrote. “The perception that current vaccines are already highly effective in preventing influenza is a major barrier to pursuing game-changing alternatives.”

Equipoise reddit

equipoise reddit


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