Equipoise low dose

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damn bro, why don't you try a mega pct and try to get back on track with out trt!!!
if not I don't see any point in running the low dose eq all year round, that's why they blast and cruise etc, so if your going to use it blast it for 14- 16 weeks with your test, then just cruise back on your trt dose again etc, I know your younger but there is a lounge in the forums for trt etc, you can find extremely valuable information in there ill bet!!! have you had children yet???? I reckon you should do the mega pct and get your self back, I think its worth it bro, look for gymchemists post, its called- my fertility journey, its really good read, from infertile to getting his misses knocked up!! you should try what he done!!

One of the most pronounced effects in Equipoise is its ability to raise your RBC´s (red blood cells). This is very typical of anabolic steroids; however, Equipoise would appear to do it to a slightly greater degree than most. One of the other effects most Equipoise users report is an increased appetite. I can say that this is true of me, also; this factor makes it impossible for me to diet on it. It´s because of this ability to increase appetite that many will include Equipoise in a mass cycle, and it´s for the quality of muscle gained on it that many will include it in a cutting cycle. It´s probably the most versatile injectable compound, next to testosterone. People even use a low dosed version of Equipoise to blend with irritating injectable drugs suck as testosterone suspension or Propionate. I´m thinking of the old Ganabol version which was dosed at 50mgs/ml, here... it´s not that Equipoise is especially good to cut other steroids with, but the low dose and cost of Ganabol made it ideal to do this with, when sterile oil wasn´t available or desirable. This low dosed version was also very popular with women, who were comfortable shooting 1cc of this stuff every few days or every week.

Equipoise low dose

equipoise low dose


equipoise low doseequipoise low doseequipoise low doseequipoise low doseequipoise low dose