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Mascara: In ancient times

In Ancient Egypt, men and women all wore eye make-up. Eyes, considered to be 'the window of the soul', were disguised in kajal black pencil and a paste applied to the eyelashes. This "masking" allowed the soul to be protected against negative energies.

The precise origin of the mascara remains unknown, supposed roots at the same time are in Spanish "Máscara" = mask, in Italian "Maschera" = conceals, or in Portuguese "Máscara" = masque, or "Mascarra" = brown stain, soot.

100 AD

The kajal pencil make-up is then taken up by the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. Long eyelashes under Ancient Rome were a sign of chastity: the women applied at the base of their eyelashes a paste based on burnt petals of roses, cores and soot, to create an intense look.

Equipoise jervois road

equipoise jervois road