Equipoise benefits

Many leaders mistakenly try to fill this gap by becoming “overly competent.” Usually, that means they invade someone else’s work while ignoring certain key responsibilities of their own. We see this in the start-up CEO with an engineering background who avoids his broader company responsibilities by staying immersed in the daily activities of the technology team.  We might also see this in the corporate Vice President who is running a new cross-functional department; rather than genuinely delegating work to the team, she keeps them tightly tethered so that she won’t feel left behind. 

Many Vietnam veterans and their survivors are eligible to have VA compensation claims for disability or death benefits granted as a result of their exposure to Agent Orange (AO). Some of these veterans qualify for a special set of effective date rules that are significantly more favorable to them than the normal effective date rules. This is a result of the Nehmer v. Veterans Association class action regulation which, among other things, made three new diseases eligible for service connection due to AO exposure. These diseases are Parkinson’s disease, ischemic heart disease, and chronic B-cell leukemias (including hairy cell leukemia).

The decline in both female and male libido can be linked to the decline in secretion of HGH in the body. Sexual potency and HGH levels are high in puberty, however diminishes throughout as you percent of men have erection problems as they approach 80 years. A clinical study in South Africa conducted of about 300 ageing adults proved that HGH treatment boosted sexual potency in about 75 percent of men. Furthermore, interviews conducted on people in Denmark using HGH therapy to slow down aging process indicate both men & women experienced improvement in sexual function and libido.

Equipoise benefits

equipoise benefits


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