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Depending on the individual goals a beginner will find comfortable Turinabol doses in the range of 15 – 30mg per day, although this is considered a low dose range where gains will not be exceptionally dramatic by any means. Such a Turinabol dose would provide noticeable but steady lean gains and almost nothing in the way of unwanted side effects except for those most sensitive. Intermediate users would find greater progress in the way of strength and mass gains upwards of 30 – 50mg per day with still very low incidences or chances of unwanted side effects. Advanced Turinabol doses land in the range of 50 – 80mg per day sometimes higher which would of course provide more dramatic strength and mass gains but at the expense of increased androgenic side effects at such an increased Turinabol dose. In general most users find satisfactory results in the middle of the total previously mentioned doses, which would be around 50mg per day. Doses lower than 40mg per day tend to be utilized merely for the preservation of lean mass during fat loss and cutting phases.

In cases where there is an intact family, with parents married and residing together, the statute and case law has no application. In such cases, the parents have no legal obligation to provide support for adult children, no obligation to contribute to college education and adult children have no remedy for compelling such support. In essence, . 2A:34-23(a)(5) and case law permits a burden to be imposed upon one class of citizens—divorced or separated parents—that cannot in like circumstances be imposed upon married parents residing together. Parents in this latter class are thus immune from such legal liability. Likewise, . 2A:34-23(a)(5) and case law creates a privilege for one class of citizens—adult children of divorced or separated parents—that is not granted to children whose parents are married and residing together. In consequence, by establishing distinctions based upon the marital status of the parent, . 2A:34-23(a)(5) and case law violates the equal protection clauses of both New Jersey and United States Constitutions.

______ Dose #1 _( 1mg )__________ Dose #2 _( 1mg )__________ Dose #3_( 1mg )
Day 0 –  100 % ( 1mg )
Day 1 –  90 % ( .9mg  remaining)
Day 2 –  81 % ( .8mg  remaing)
Day 3 –  73 % ( .7mg  remaining)
Day 4 –  65 % (.6mg remaining) +  100 % (1mg) = 
Day 5 –  59 % (.5mg remaining) +  90 % (.9mg remaining) = 
Day 6 –  53 % (.5mg remaining) +  81 % (.8mg remaing) = 
Day 7 –  47 % (.4mg remaining) +  73 % (.7mg remaining) = 
Day 8 –  43 % (.3mg remaining) +  65 % (.6mg remaining) +  100 % (1mg) = 

Equipoise 300 comments

equipoise 300 comments


equipoise 300 commentsequipoise 300 commentsequipoise 300 commentsequipoise 300 commentsequipoise 300 comments