Eq cycle for endurance

As for the current cycle maybe my deca is not good deca (it is some BD stuff I got cheap so perhaps it's low dosed test as you say or some other shit entirely) but I am getting the same gland growth I got from tren (totally diff than any gyno issues I've had on test where my chest gets itchy and puffy all over...this is just growth of the glands behind the nips with pain and no itch which even high dose AI's do nothing for)...overall I think the problem may also be that I don't do well with high doses of aromatizing androgens so maybe my problem is not the deca but the dose...I was at 1g test and 500mg deca which was a terrible experience for me (lethargic, slow, bloated, poor recovery)...now that the levels are tapering off a bit I feel a lot better. I had my first good workout today since I dropped the deca 2 weeks ago and started to reduce the test dose...I am probably at about 750-800mg of test right now which feels a lot better.

Eq cycle for endurance

eq cycle for endurance


eq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for endurance