Eq 2 berserker focus effects

In addition to the perilous nature of the armor, it can induce raging insanity, by drawing out the wearer's most negative emotions, therefore dissolving the differentiation between friend and foe. [5] It can also cause chronic mental deterioration, providing a hotbed for its user's inner darkness to fester. [6] Upon inducing such rage, the armor's helm takes on the appearance of its wearer's inner beast. In Guts' case, the helmet and bevor are shaped like the Beast of Darkness ' head and can function as a mouth, capable of biting enemies. When the armor is active, the helm's eye sockets glow red and Guts' face is completely obstructed; if in control of himself, however, the swordsman's face is partially visible and the helm's eye sockets stop emitting their red glow.

Now that you have read How to 2 Box in MMORPGS we will take up where it left off. This means that you should already have a network share for our log file set up, The Control Assistant installed and profile created and The Boxin Assistant installed and a profile created. Also you have the basic start, stop, follow and wait commands working through the log file triggers. In this example we are going to play a warrior (Henry) and 2 box a shaman (Jenny) in Everquest. Of course one of the main advantages of bringing along a shaman is heals so lets start there.

Eq 2 berserker focus effects

eq 2 berserker focus effects


eq 2 berserker focus effectseq 2 berserker focus effectseq 2 berserker focus effects