Doctors who treat low testosterone

Larger numbers of medical school graduates means junior doctor numbers are higher than ever, but specialty-training positions are limited. Competition for these has significantly increased. Many doctors participate in extra-curricular work, like undertaking research, writing journal articles, or performing volunteer work to be more attractive applicants. Some doctors have to move interstate, away from support networks to acquire a position. Some have to try many times to acquire one. I recently baulked at an application form for an “unaccredited” surgical training position (a job done by doctors hoping to eventually enter specialist surgery training — but there are no guarantees). Extra points were awarded to applicants if they had achievements in the arts or sports “at a national or international level”.

You say the Dr assumed you were a liar. Did you ask him if that is what he thought? We can’t know what people think, we need to ask them to really know. You also say you don’t talk to Dr’s like drug addicts do. How do you know how drug addicts talk to Dr’s? Have you asked any drug addicts how they talk to Dr’s? Part of the problem is with you. Change how you view the world and be clear about what you want and things will change. Ask for what you want and get Dr’s to tell you what it is they think. Never assume.

Doctors who treat low testosterone

doctors who treat low testosterone


doctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosteronedoctors who treat low testosterone