Cures for low testosterone levels

  # 5       DE aka DIATOMACIOUS EARTH   
DE - this is NOT common knowledge....and while I would not hesitate to use it ... I cannot in good conscience tell others how to use it until I can secure solid references and URL's to share with folks.
If you find you are in dire need, call Jeanette at Natures Farmacy 800-733-4981 

# 6       PARASTAT    
Included in the list of parasites is Heartworm. It's called ParaStat, the only ingredient in it is Holarrhena antidysenterica bark and seed. The nutritionist who packages and sells it is Dr. Bob Marshall, his number is 800-370-3447. He's in Orange County, CA. PST
If you call to order some make sure that you order his write-up about the product. He gives this to his dogs. Let whoever answers the phone know that this is for a dog and get the exact dosage for dogs.
........... from a post on the Internet
I found this product through a friend of mine who uses it. I called her one day in total frustration that nothing natural that I was using for my pup was taking away her worms. She then told me about this product. She uses it for her family and for her animals. I have used it twice, the fecal sample I had done after the 1st time we used it was clear. I don't plan on doing fecals in the future. I'll use this product 3 - 4 times a year. Our pup does quite well on this product. She hates the taste of it so I have to stick the capsules down her throat. 
I have purchased vitamins, herbs, and various other products from this nutritionist who is also a chemist. I have never had any reason to question him. I personally don't have any info at all other than having used it and my friend's experience with her immediate family, extended family, and her animals. In my previous post I gave his 800 number, I would recommend 
calling his office and getting the write up that he puts out on everything that he develops. Ask whoever answers the phone if there have been any studies done on it. Sorry that I can't help with more info. BTW he's on Pacific time.

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Cures for low testosterone levels

cures for low testosterone levels


cures for low testosterone levelscures for low testosterone levelscures for low testosterone levelscures for low testosterone levelscures for low testosterone levels