Benefits of testerone

Hi Great to have joined this club, I am postmenopausal 10 years (I am 56 years old) have memory issues, fatigue, overweight, with fat round the middle, occasional hot flashes, 90kg, 5ft 7in, . Prefer a nautral approach to health. I have tried vitamin supplements Vitamin d has helped a little. I am intolerent to soy products, wheat and peanuts, no estrogen left, high testerone and DHEA, boderline low thyroid. I go to the gym daily, swimming,cross trainer & did weights but have injured my shoulder. I have continued with cross trainer, but weight loss has stalled. I do have a tendency to eat cakes or chocolate end of day when i feel tired. I love eggs, advocado, fish and vegatables, drink 2 liters of water at least a day. Can you suggest a menu plan for me to lose weight on please which will boost my energy, memory and burn fat. Thank you Karen O

For the first month, I took 2 pills as directed (Andro400 Max)- ZERO benefits. Being 58 years old, I increased dosage to 4 pills in the morning as directed – ZERO benefits. I only need to lose 35lbs. to be at my perfect weight. During this time, I worked out 3 times a week for hrs per workout. I have actually gained a few lbs. probably due to muscle gain. Bottomline, Zero increase in energy, sex drive, testosterone, etc… Additionally, I am not a drinker, nor smoker. I rarely eat fast foods and do not over indulge in snacks or garage foods. I rated this product a 1 star because there is NO zero star rating. I am now looking for a refund as advertised, seeing that I am under the 90 day limit and product is finished!

Benefits of testerone

benefits of testerone


benefits of testeronebenefits of testeronebenefits of testeronebenefits of testeronebenefits of testerone